Tina DeSalvo Line

Michael Teal and Tina DeSalvo have joined forces to create the
Tina DeSalvo Second Chance Line.
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With fragrances such as:

  • “Elli” (Lavendar)
    Whether she is in Hollywood planning a big Fundraiser to Support women fighting breast cancer, or in South Louisiana trying to convince a stubborn Cajun to sell his half of the Sugar Mill Plantation, Elli loves to finish her day with a calming soak using lavender scented Dead Sea Salts.
  • “Jewel” (Amber)
    Jewell is a woman passionate about history. It is no wonder that she loves the ancient fragrance of amber. Known as petrified light, Tears of the sun and window to the past, it is the perfect scent to feed Jewell’s soul (and tempt Beau’s heart!).
  • “Abby” (Rosemary)
    Abby is a breast cancer survivor so good, quality, all natural ingredients are important to her. These Rosemary products are just what she needs to escape her high profile life in South Louisiana.
  • “Rachael” (Magnolia)
    The scent of blooming magnolias caught on the sultry, humid South Louisiana breeze is what you will think of when your skin is soothed with Rachel’s favorite handmade, rich, luxurious, body butter.
  • “Tanté Izzy” (Sugar Cane Vanilla)
    Tanté Izzy does a few things really well: Interfering in her family’s lives when she thinks they need her unsolicited advice; baking old family recipe’s with secret ingredients; and attracting men with her special scent – vanilla and cane sugar. As she says- A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.